Heat World Bingo

Welcome Bonus: 50%

Other Promotions: 50%

Bingo Games: 60%

Slots & Other Games: 60%

Fun Factor: 50%

Heat Bingo has earned a reasonable rating because of its large and fun community, but as a Virtue Fusion site, there's not much more to it than all the others in the network.

Latest update: Please note Heat World Bingo is now closed. This review will be left up for historical purposes.

Heat World Bingo launched in July 2013, following the trend of publications opening online Bingo sites, but apart from the logo, font, and colour scheme, that’s where the similarities to the popular entertainment magazine end.

It’s a pretty standard site, with good Bingo, good prices and prizes, good technology, and good chat games and chat hosts, but when you’ve seen as many online Bingo sites as we have, we know that just one promotion or blog or prize draw exclusive to your members, and not on the rest of the network, can make a world of difference.

First Impressions

The home page is nicely laid out and is relatively stylish with a black background, modern design and clearly marked tabs making it simple to navigate around the whole site.

You’ll also find out what Bingo games are coming up, where, and when, plus the all important prices and prizes on the home page, you can also check out the games jackpots in the right-hand column, and you’ll see the featured promotions and games on at the moment.

It says it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to register, but if you’ve ever signed up to one of the other sites in the network with the same email address, it recognises it, and you need to log in with that username – and forego any bonuses you thought you may get.

If you haven’t joined any of the other Virtue Fusion sites before, then the registration is easy, with just the basics required, and if you make a £10 deposit you get £25 free as a welcome bonus. There’s also a 20% reload bonus on future deposits, but an asterisk beside this announcement suggests that there are T&Cs attached!

Latest Screenshots

Choose from the different game types in the lobby

Because it was the early hours of the morning, things were a bit quiet in the lobby!

A game in progress at Heat World Bingo

The software is easy to use and feature many fun games.

Bingo & Other Games

Once you’re all logged in, the lobby opens for you, and here’s where you’ll find all the gameplay details you need to know about the site.

There are eight Bingo Rooms to choose from with 90, 80, and 75 ball options, some of which are open 24/7, and there are a few free games too. You’ll find a more rapid pace of game in the appropriately named Racing Pulse Room, the Joker Jackpot Room uses a deck of cards instead of balls, and if you’re new to Bingo you can always check out the Newbie Room to ease yourself into it.

There’s also a schedule available so you don’t miss out on any of your favourite games, and if you’re going to be away from the action, you can always pre-buy.

The Bingo Rooms are fully functional and comprise of all the information you need to know about the games you’re playing, it’s easy to choose how many cards you want, or you can auto-buy if you prefer.

With plenty of featured mini-games available you won’t get bored, but with Bingo happening pretty regularly 24/7, and busy Chat Hosts and Chat Games to play, there’s not much chance of that anyway!

There are plenty of other games to choose from if you want a break from the bingo though, with Slots, Scratchcards, and Casino options available – or just check out the favourites if you’re not sure what’s hot and what’s not.

Promotions & Bonuses

There’s a reasonable selection of promotions, many of which will be familiar to Virtue Fusion users, with the Daily BingoLinx games offering big jackpots every day, the massive £250,000 Big Weekend happens once a month, with guaranteed sums of prize money are up for grabs Friday-Sunday, and there’s a Mega Value Night once a month too with all tickets starting from 1p for a guaranteed £30,000.

Other Features

You’ll find a long list of questions in the Help section, but if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, there’s a Live Help option too, or you can email them – as the Live Help isn’t a 24-hour service.

The Facebook and Twitter links just lead to the Bauer Media Group sites, so all the posts refer to their network of online Bingo sites, as well as some entertainment gossip to keep you entertained!


We’ve said it before, and we’ll no doubt say it again, but in this very competitive industry, online Bingo sites really need something different, or special, or exclusive to them to make them stand out from the crowd.

Heat World Bingo gets an average rating because it’s got a good community, on top of some decent games and promotions, which is probably a result of the popularity of its magazine namesake – and a good link from the publication’s online version must help too.

It does not however, compete with our highest rated sites in the industry. The fact it has Virtue Fusion software helps it out a lot, but it definitely lacks the bonuses and promotions that the ‘big boys’ have and as such, we can only justify giving it an average score.

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