Peachy Bingo

Peachy Bingo

Play Online Bingo – No Deposit Required!

Please note: This website has now closed down. Our review will be left up for historical purposes.

Important Details

No Deposit Bonus: N/A.
Welcome Offer: 200% first deposit bonus.
Bonus Codes: N/A.
Minimum Deposit: £10.
Minimum Withdrawal: £10.
Free Bingo: Free bingo for funded players.
Software: Dragonfish.
Email Address:
Phone Number: 0800 279 4580.

Welcome Offer

Peachy Bingo is another online bingo site from the Dragonfish empire, and where some in the network do stand out, this one joined the masses at the bottom of the barrel!

Once again, I was left scratching my head at the correlation between a peach and Bingo, even if there is a tenuous link with the term Peachy – and if I wasn’t here to review this site, I would have moved on to somewhere else right away!

First Impressions

The homepage design is as bland as tofu, even with a peachy hue, and peach images that look more like pert bottoms – but it does feature the main promotions, upcoming jackpot games, recent winners, and a selection of Slots and Instants, plus tabs to navigate around the site.

If you’ve played on a Dragonfish before you’ll know they make it very easy to sign up, and Peachy Bingo is no different, with the £20 free welcome bonus on your first deposit of £10, and 50% reload bonus the same as the rest too.

All things considered, my first impressions were lacklustre at best. The bonuses were not very enticing, the site was not the nicest designed, plus the cookie-cutter nature of the site left me wanting to be elsewhere.

Bonuses and Promotions

Peachy Bingo is pretty limited in its promotional offerings, with just references to the guaranteed jackpot games, the welcome and reload bonuses and a weekend tournament with bonus points available for the biggest Bingo card purchases.

Bingo and Slots Games

The lobby is a pretty simple affair, where you can easily find the games you’re looking for with 75 and 90 ball Bingo, over 100 guaranteed cash jackpot games, pre-buy options, and a link to all the side games too.

Games are clearly marked with prices and prizes, and which ones are for funded players only, and which ones are free – but you need to have made deposits in the past to be entitled to use these rooms.

The Bingo rooms themselves are easy to navigate around, make buying cards easy, and have information about the games, jackpots, and tools to tailor the site to suit you – including adjustments to sounds and dauber styles.

You can take part in chat games with your roomies, and even send them virtual gifts using loyalty points, but it was pretty subdued when I was in there, so if you’re looking for fun, I would head elsewhere… anywhere elsewhere!

To kill time between Bingo there are mini-games to play which open conveniently in the page, or head back to the lobby to try the whole range of over 100 Slots, Instants, and Casino games.

Other Features

There are plenty of ways to win loyalty points which can be converted to playing power, including paying and playing, promotions, and chat games, and you get 5,000 points if a friend you refer deposits £10 or over.

If you want to know more about the chat games there’s a long list of these to check out in the community section, as well as some Bingo lingo and what the Bingo calls are.

And there’s a comprehensive list of FAQs to answer most of your queries or contact the support team if you need a bit more help.

Sister Sites

The following websites operate using the same Dragonfish gaming software:

Review Conclusion



I would like to say that Peachy Bingo lived up to its name, but it wasn’t really peachy at all, more like a bit stale, bruised, and close to fermenting!

From whoa to go it was a bit amateurish, it has all the same old Dragonfish gameplay but without a lot of the decent promotions, and the community was lacklustre – and given the vast array of rich pickings out there, we wouldn’t even give Peachy Bingo a nibble again!